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April & Pangkoy | New York Engagement Shoot

You were you, and I was I; we were two before our

April & Pangkoy | Washington DC Engagement Shoot

“And I’d choose you, in a hundred


I cannot be apart from you… not now, not

Franz & Sherry | Cebu Engagement Shoot

Nothing but a red pickup truck, love and these two,

Murph & Mich | Bohol Engagement Shoot

Yes! We brought a piano to┬áBohol’s

Jordan & Katherine

Jordan & Katherine’s 80’s meets the

Jamiel & Gizela | Los Angeles to Las Vegas Engagement Shoot

Everything I have ever done, I’ve done for

Nica & Jess | New York Engagement Shoot

here is the deepest secret nobody knows (here

Francis & An | New York Engagement Shoot

“Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine